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Trusted, Reliable, & Professional Pest Control Services for over 35 years. We offer same day service for homes & businesses in Central Florida.

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Mary’s Pest Control is a small, but reliable pest management company located in Orlando, Florida. We have provided professional, safe, guaranteed pest control, wildlife & bee removal services to homes, businesses¬† and vacation rentals throughout Central Florida for 30 years. Unlike larger pest control companies, we treat each customer with personalized service. We have some of our original customers even today!¬† Some of our services include:

  • Quarterly in-home pest control
  • 24-hour turnaround service
  • Guaranteed removal or we will return
  • Safe, humane wildlife removal
  • Safe, humane bee removal

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Mary's Pest Control are professional, affordable and did an excellent job!


I had a problem with rodents. I tried other services and they always returned. Mary's Pest Control developed a plan that kept them out for good! Thank you!